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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Wildcards: *, ?
    Wildcard is an option to find a word which you don't know exactly how its spell.

    ? replaces for one character
    * replaces for more than one character

    For example:
    You are looking for the word better but you don't know exactly how its spell, you can do something like this:

    Find: b?tter
    Result: batter, better, bitter, butter, ...

    Find: b*tter
    Result: baby-sitter, batter, bed-sitter, begetter, bespatter, ...

  2. Add VNDic into your website

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  3. Cách gõ chữ Việt

    Dấu và
    nguyên âm
    Cách gõ
    Cách gõ
    Cách gõ
    â aa a6 a^
    ê ee e6 e^
    ô oo o6 o^
    ă aw a8 a(
    ơ ow o7 o+
    ư uw u7 u+
    đ dd d9 dd
    sắc s 1 '
    huyền f 2 `
    nặng j 5 .
    hỏi r 3 ?
    ngã x 4 ~
    xoá dấu z 0 -
    Ví dụ:
    Tiếng việt
    Vis duj:
    Tieengs Vieetj
    Vi1 du5:
    Tie6ng1 Vie6t5
    Vi' du.:
    Tie^'ng Vie^.t

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