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  • (n) ring , ringing, tintinnabulation (the sound of a bell ringing) "the distinctive ring of the church bell"; "the ringing of the telephone"; "the tintinnabulation that so voluminously swells from the ringing and the dinging of the bells"--E. A. Poe
  • (n) ringing (the giving of a ring as a token of engagement)
  • (n) plangency , resonance , reverberance , ringing, sonorousness , sonority , vibrancy (having the character of a loud deep sound; the quality of being resonant)
  • (v) ring , peal (sound loudly and sonorously) "the bells rang"
  • (v) resound , echo , ring , reverberate (ring or echo with sound) "the hall resounded with laughter"
  • (v) ring , knell (make (bells) ring, often for the purposes of musical edification) "Ring the bells"; "My uncle rings every Sunday at the local church"
  • (v) surround , environ , encircle , circle , round , ring (be around) "Developments surround the town"; "The river encircles the village"
  • (v) call , telephone , call up , phone , ring (get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone) "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"
  • (v) ring , band (attach a ring to the foot of, in order to identify) "ring birds"; "band the geese to observe their migratory patterns"
  • (adj) reverberant , ringing (having a tendency to reverberate or be repeatedly reflected) "a reverberant room"; "the reverberant booms of cannon"
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