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  • (n) tasting (a small amount (especially of food or wine))
  • (n) taste , tasting (a kind of sensing; distinguishing substances by means of the taste buds) "a wine tasting"
  • (n) tasting, savoring , savouring , relishing , degustation (taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality) "cooking was fine but it was the savoring that he enjoyed most"
  • (v) taste , savor , savour (have flavor; taste of something)
  • (v) sample , try , try out , taste (take a sample of) "Try these new crackers"; "Sample the regional dishes"
  • (v) taste (perceive by the sense of taste) "Can you taste the garlic?"
  • (v) smack , taste (have a distinctive or characteristic taste) "This tastes of nutmeg"
  • (v) taste (distinguish flavors) "We tasted wines last night"
  • (v) taste (experience briefly) "The ex-slave tasted freedom shortly before she died"
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